Scout & Guide

Scout and guide unit is also in existence at Dolphin campus. Scout and guide of Dolphin can be seen on the every occasion of Vidisha district. Whether there is any kind of social – work or any awareness-campaign, Dolphin-Scouts appear with all their dedication.

S.No. Year Category Nos.
1. 2014-15
President Award
Akshat Sharma, Akshay Tiwari, Somil Jain, Aman Sahu, Rishi Samaiya, Nitin Richhariya
Third Sopan
Abhishek Dangi, Mayank Bhargav, Aman Raghuwanshi, Mohit Raghuwanshi, Yash Dubey, Satyam Raghuwanshi, Som Sahu
Rajyapal Award
Nitin Ricchariya, Akshay Tiwari, Aman Sahu, Rishi Samaiya, Somil Jain, Akshat Sharma
4. 2015-16
Second Sopan
Ananya Dikshit, Naivedya Sharma, Bhaskar Nath Pandey, Karan Singh Tomar, Abhay Vishwakarma, Udit Gurjar, Lavesh Soni, Mohit Yadav
Third Sopan
Aishwarya Dongre, Aayush Yadav, Gagan Lodhi, Satyam Raghuwanshi, Abhay Tiwari, Piyush Baghel
Rajyapal Award
Yash Dubey, Satyam Raghuwanshi, Mohit Raghuwanshi, Som Sahu, Aman Raghuwanshi
7. 2016-17
Rajyapal Award
Aishwarya Dongre, Abhay Kumar Tiwari, Gagan Lodhi, Piyush Baghel, Satyam Singh Raghuwanshi, Ayush Yadav
President Award
Yash Dubey, Satyam Rahuwanshi, Mohit Raghuwanshi, Aman Raghuwanshi
9. 2017-18
Second Sopan
Rajendra Rawat, Harshit Sikarwar, Harshit Thakur
Third Sopan
Gautam Raghuwanshi, Himanshu Kashiv, Bhanupratap Singh, Dhruv Rai, Yash Sharma, Kaushal Yadav, Naivedya Sharma
11. 2018-19
Rajyapal Award
Naivedya Sharma, Himanshu Kashiv, Goutam Raghuwanshi, Dhruv Rai, Bhanu Pratap Thakur
Third Sopan
Harshit Thakur, Harshit Sikarwar, Rajendra Ravat
Second Sopan
Shubhra Rai, Kanishk Sharma, Shivam Vishwakarma, Anuj Sahu, Ayush Rajput, Aviral Awasthi
14. 2019-20
Second Sopan
Prince Dixit, Nayan Kumar Hansoliya, Vivek Dangi, Eshu Vishwakarma, Abhijeet Raghuwanshi
Scout Guide
Anuj Sahu, Kanishka Sharma, Shubhra Rai, Aviral Awasthi, Ayush Rajpoot

Cultural Programme

Cultural-programme of Dolphin is known as one of the popular cultural activities of the city. The people of Ganj Basoda never miss it. This is perceptible that at least 60 students perform on the stage with their classical and unique presentation.


To aware the generation is also a little deed of people service. Now –a- days we are facing so many problems in our life. The problem of pollution. water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, soil erosion, are some of them which are quite devastating for the existence of living beings. Dolphin continuously motivates students to always be aware with the cause of these problems.


M. P. Council of Science & Technology started Mission Excellence Programme in 2007. This is a State Level Program through which Vigyan Manthan Yatra is organized for school level students. This is a glorious achievement that since 2007. 10-20 students are being selected to visit various places of scientific importance in India.

S.No. Year No. of Students Visited Places Special Achievements
1 2012-13 01
Nitin Richhariya
2 2013-14 01
Bhopal, Ujjain, Indore
Anirudhha Sharma
3 2014-15 03
Abhishek Dangi, Akshay Kumar Tiwari and Nitin Richhariya
4 2015-16 01
Anirudhha Sharma
5 01
Bhopal, Indore, Peetampur
Koushik Raw Jatav
6 2016-17 01
Indore (Pithampur)
Harsh Jain
7 03
Ahemdabad (Gujrat)
Sneha Harkilla, Shilpi Raghuwanshi, Satyam Raghuwanshi
8 2017-18 04
Priyansh Shrivastava, Suvigyanand Jatav, Kanupriya Mehta, Chitranshi Shrivastava
9 01
Ahemdabad (Gujrat)
Pratibha Jatav
10 2018-19 03
Ritika Choudhari, Kanishk Richhariya, Shashank Kumar Jatav