Days of Struggle & The Years of Success

The story begins 47 years back; it was the period of darkness, total darkness. Emergency was promulgated all over country. Fundamental rights were suspended. Political leaders of every stature were pushed behind bars. No appeal no revision. Complete silence was on the face of millions of people.

Few responsible persons of the small town of Ganj Basoda in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh were restless over this sad situation. They were thinking over the fate, about the cause and ways to come out of situation. After long discussions and lengthy restless nights, they came to the conclusion, that this pity condition was only due to wide spread illiteracy. They never stopped at this point and started thinking about abolishing this shameless condition. Finally, it was decided to start a regular school with quality education at cheaper rates. Thus, Navankur Vidyapeeth was born.

an imageThe Kriyasheel Pragati Parishad, is the mother organization of chain of school named Navankur. On 26th August 1977, the Parishad registered by Registrar of Societies M.P. Vide registration number 5836. In July 1978, Navankur Vidyapeeth was started in a small rented hut.

Founder members the stalwarts, to whom credit go to initiate the organization are:-

  1. Mr. Ramesh Kumar Vyas
  2. Mr. Hajrat Singh Suryavanshi
  3. Mr. Bhagirathji Soni
  4. Mr. Deepak Kumar Fadnees
  5. Mr. Shrikrishan Yadav
  6. Mr. Janki Prasad Vyas

But mere registration was not enough, real task was to establish and nourish a good quality educational institute in such a small place. It was not an easy task. It had so many limitations such as- finance, men power, competency in local people, historical, geographical, cultural limitations, egos ambitions of friends and envy of the next neighbours, hundreds of limitations were there, to resolve all these hurdles, full commitment and selflessness was first precondition. Firm but polite attitude and enough boldness in taking swift actions was the need of the hour. For this purpose, a team of following dynamic & dashing youth was there, to work day & night.

  1. Late. Mr. Vijay Shirdhonkar
  2. Late. Mr. Jamuna Prasad Chaurasia [Colonel Saheb]
  3. Mr. Anil Yadav
  4. Mr. Neelkamal Verma
  5. Mr. Ram Narayan Chaturvedi
  6. Mr. N. P. Sharma
  7. Mr. Munna Lal Agrawal
  8. Mr. Prem Narayan Agrawal
  9. Mr. Shailendra Kumar Dikshit
  10. Mr. Prem Narayan Sen

This team worked hard, devoted days without pause and nights without sleep, the only dream was to develop a unique quality institute, which was gradually coming up. The flower started blooming, the dawn has appeared.

Today, The Navankur has completed 45 years. The infancy passes through teething troubles, the teen faces problems of hesitation, uncertainty & trouble in selecting proper targets, but a youth of 30, is always full of dreams, full of ambitions and for him sky is the limit, so as Navankur of today, dreaming day & night, but certainly it is not a day dreamer. It knows its limits, traditions and its customs.

The stalwarts of yesterday have shouldered off all the responsibilities and powers to upcoming generation. Now they are in parental role. The new team is comprised of all the youth of capacity, competency, spotless characters & a positive vision. Present executive body is having:

  1. Dr. R. K. Chaugaonkar (President)
  2. Mr. Shailendra Kumar Dixit (Vice-President)
  3. Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma (Secretary)
  4. Mr. Pahalwan Singh Rajpoot (Treasurer)
  5. Mr. Keshav Lahori (Joint-Secretary)
  6. Ku. Aruna Sharma (Member)
  7. Mr. Prem Narayan Sen (Member)

The Person With High Devotion

1. Ramesh kumar Vyas
He is the founder and initial pacemaker, who is full of strong Nationalism and spirit of high human values. He is Ramesh Kumar Vyas who built the traditions of ancient Indian culture & customs, in the early days of Navankur. But unfortunately he could not serve the organization for a longer period.

2. Dr. Vijay Shirdhonkar
He was the maker of modern Navankur and Dolphin. A qualified medico, had very good medical practice at time, which he sacrified and devoted his life to establish the organization. He had been chairmen for 30 years. He was a visionary man with changes in overall atmosphere of the educational field and corporate sector of the country. He had felt the necessity of an English medium school. So he opened a new creation from Navankur, The Dolphin, an English Medium School. Only of its kind in the district. Today whatever Navankur and Dolphin are it was all his dreams, imagination and vision. His contribution towards all round development of the organization is unforgettable.

3. Shri N.P. Sharma
A banker by profession, after coming in touch of Dr. Shirdhonkar, in late seventies, along with Munnabhaiya, a close friend of him, joined the organization as simple supporter of the concept. But soon after, with his commitment and utter thrust for voluntarism, rose to the post of secretary and became right hand of Dr. Shirdhonkar.

4. Mr. Munnalal Agarwal
Silence is the language of him, a man of trust and confidence. He joined the organization with Mr.N.P.Sharma in late seventies. With clear bona fides, he was treasurer for about 25 years.

5. Other honourable Personalities
When the struggle started, hundreds of persons rose their voice in favour, hundreds of hands joined together and salute the mission, it is impossible to list the names of all, but few of them deserve special mention – Col. Mr. Jamuna Prasad Chaurasia, Mr. Anil Yadav, Mr. Neelkamal Verma, Mr. Ram Narayan Chaturvedi, not the least, Mr. Subhash Nigam, Mr. Mathur, Sheroo Rikshaw wala, & many more.

Mission (Objectives)

  • To provide quality education to the students of deprived class on very reasonable charges.
  • To provide basic knowledge of Indian culture, Indian heritage & Indian customs.
  • To empower the students in selecting appropriate careers by using power of self assessment.
  • To provide trainings in personality development, self determinations and inculcate confidence to deal day-to-day problems of life with full enthusiasm.
  • To harvest sense of social commitment.

Assets (Building and Land)

Dolphin is situated in the center of city having excellent infrastructure. Class-rooms, Laboratories, Library, Computer-rooms, Staff-rooms, Record-rooms, and Office-chambers etc. are fully equipped and well- furnished.

  • Total Area - 52,875 Sq.feet
  • Built up Area - 17,328 Sq. feet
  • Open Area - 47,802 Sq. feet